“Five Cool Tips On How To Prevent Writers Block”

Thank you for stopping by, in this post I will give you Five Cool Tips On How To Prevent Writers Block. My blog is full of helpful marketing tips and valuable resources that will give you that extra boost you need to succeed in your home based business.

This post is all about that dreadful disease we bloggers hate the most and that’s “writers block”. Here are five cool tips on how to prevent you from getting writers block and keep you from getting it ever again.

“Five Cool Tips On How To Prevent Writers Block”

Tip 1. Read Good Books And Review Them – Reading is essential when it comes to blogging. I did a post on how to Jump-start Your Blog But Be Original. One of the tips I offered explained how important it is to read as much as possible, especially if you are using blogging as a marketing strategy.

It is such an awesome idea to read a great book by one of your favorite personal development authors and do a review about it. I have seen a few friends of mine use this strategy and it has helped them get great results. This can also help you earn a little more income if you are an affiliate because you can apply a link or banner to purchase the actual book you reviewed.

Tip 2. Search For a Good Guest Post – There are more than a few good benefits for having a guest post on your blog. This will give you a break from producing content, you also get to offer your readers some different perspectives and interesting variety. Guest posting will also help you establish solid relationships with accredited bloggers and it can give you the chance to become a guest blogger for them in the future.

Tip 3. Do Posts On What You Recently Learned – I strongly recommend this tip to stop writers block dead in it’s tracks! When you learn a valuable strategy that can benefit the next blogger or network marketer, why not share the wealth? This can be something as simple as a fundraising idea, how to get back links, a PPC strategy or anything that can help a fellow Affiliate or Network Marketer.

Be careful not to reveal too much though, some people may try to implement what you taught them and they may not get the same results as you. This may harm you in the logrun because people may see you as someone who misguided them and doesn’t know what they are doing.

Tip 4. Do Company And Product Reviews – This is such a cool topic to write about because there are so many companies and products out there. It will also give you a chance to establish a genuine relationship with your friends and fellow marketers. This is also a win-win situation because this gives you a chance to put out some quality content and help your friend get some more leads for their Network Marketing business in the process.

Tip 5. Make a Video Blog Post A (Vlog Post) – If you don’t really feel like writing, make a video but make sure to include a few words in your post that explains what the video is about. A video that’s posted on a blog post will skyrocket your rankings because a video will get ranked faster than just a regular post with text. Using this strategy will only require you to write a few sentences that will explain the content in your video.

There you have it, “Five Cool Tips On How To Prevent Writers Block”


What are some of your tips to help prevent writers block?

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“Laying the Foundation by Zig Ziglar”

There are six characteristics that comprise the foundation stones of your life and your success.The six characteristics are honesty, character, faith, integrity, love, and loyalty. All of these foundation stones are necessary to create a  Wheel of Life that is balanced and will produce the kind of success I’ve described.

In my eighty-five years of living I have learned that people who compromise  any of these principles usually end up with only a beggar’s portion of what  life offers them. I’ve seen people acquire money through dishonesty and deceit, but their friends are few and they lack true peace of mind.

The business professional who alienates his family in his climb to the top is not a success. People who have no faith in something greater than themselves can only rely on themselves in times of great difficulty.

The longer I live and the more successful people I meet, the more convinced I become that these foundation stones are the most critical success weapons you have in your arsenal.

Why are these foundation stones so important to your success? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I’m going to tell you! A human being goes through life thinking and doing. Then they  usually do what they think about most of the time. I want to remind you that you were born to win. I also want to remind you that you are what you are and where you are because of what’s gone into your mind, but you can change what  you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.

The reason this is so is because you generally do what you think. Your thinking drives your choices. Choices determine the action you take, and action produces the results  of your life. You can only think in ways consistent with the information you have  in your mind. So to change what you do, you have to change the way you think, and to think differently, you need to change what goes into your mind.

Who we are is determined by the foundation stones of honesty, character, faith, integrity, love, and loyalty. The six foundational stones essentially provide the raw material for all your thinking. As such, they become the core characteristics of what you are,  do, and have, which ultimately determines the results you get in life. These stones form your code for success or failure because your thinking and your actions must be consistent with the characteristics of the foundation you build.

I wish it were possible for me to introduce you to the many personable, persuasive, talented—even brilliant—people I have met in my travels who are generally just one step in front of the bill collector and sometimes just two steps ahead of the law. They are always looking for a “deal” and the “fast buck.” They never build very much  or very high, because they have no foundation to build on.

Others don’t realize  that the real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job;  that you can best get to the top by getting to the bottom of things and then  climbing the stairs of success, one at a time. Success and happiness are not  matters of chance but choice. The foundation stones provide the basis for making  the right choices.

Zig Ziglar’s Born  to Win: Find Your Success Code compresses  four decades of life-changing tools and practices into an inspiring, concise  and easy-to-use format for bottom-line people who want to grow and improve their  lives “right now!” Click here to find out more or to purchase your copy of the book.  

Thank you for reading this awesome post written by Zig Ziglar To see the original post click here: “Original Post”, for some wonderful resourses click on either banner provided on this post. Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar have helped me in my business in so many valuable ways and I feel like I know them personally. =)

How has this post on ”Laying the Foundation by Zig Ziglar”, helped you? If you have any of your favorite authors please feel free to share your recomendations.

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“Video Marketing Interview” “Talk Show Alius”

Hello Everyone! This will be a quick post on my son Talk Show Alius. Alius is a Video Blogger (Vlogger), who talks about random topics and gives his insight on his life experiences.

Believe it or not, Talk Show Alius is also a Network Marketer! He will give you some insight on how he has helped me with fundraisers and retail sales for my health products. Come on people, If a 10 year old can Blog, than anyone can do this! =)

Watch how confident and enthusiastic my Son is, He is actually an inspiration and a big part of my motivation to brand myself and what I do in Network Marketing. He is a natural at “Video Marketing”, branding himself and He is a Born Leader.

Enjoy the interview and awesome video. I look forward to hearing some cool feedback on this awesome post!

Here is the Video Marketing Interview with Talk Show Alius himself…Enjoy! ;p

Marketing Interview Talk Show Alius:

Thank you for viewing “Video Marketing Interview” “Talk Show Alius” and we appreciate your feedback and your thoughts on Video Marketing, Talk Show Alius, and Empower Network.

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“Free Program To Help Market Your Primary Business Online”

What I am about to show you is a system or “free program to help market your primary business online” , it’s incredible! By using my NEW system you and your TEAM will be able to EXPLODE your results by sending MOTIVATED BUYERS to your Primary Business link:  (www.whatever.com).

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There are a few other FREE programs to help market your primary business online but they require some upfront cash of some sort. With My new system you will be able to join, get a website built, and start earning income for no money out of pocket. Sounds crazy right, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it! =D

1st STEP: The first simple step to get your site for free and earn a commission you have to join ZNZ One get your free Alert Pay account and only complete 1 FREE trial offer.

If you are  already a member of ZNZ one, you will not be able to meet the requirements to get my new traffic site for free…….but hold on a second, that does not exclude you from getting your traffic promoting system. You can still pay a $25 dollar fee and get a site made just like mine to help you get the results that Network Marketers only dream of.

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2nd STEP: Now when you complete all the requirements, you will receive an email explaining what to do in order to get you Primary Business link added to your site.

Note: In order to promote your Primary Business link on your new site you will have to complete ONLY ONE featured offer that will be available. These offers may not seem free but after your first referral you will get paid for meeting these requirements.

Always remember, this will take some effort on your part, but I stand firmly behind my motto: ’Earn it before you spend it!’

Thankfully through this program with ZNZ One, we are able to do exactly that!

This program is not a lottery ticket and it won’t automatically spit money out. This is a business and everyone who joins needs to treat it like one. REAL RESULTS will come with the REAL EFFORT!

Get ready to be a success, because now the only thing left to get in your way is – well, YOU! Just follow the steps on my site and you will do just fine.

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I love helping people promote their primary businesses and I love to see someone make money for their first time ever online. That is why I joined forces with some experienced marketers to present you with this awesome system.

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Network Marketing 2.0

How To Convert Online Leads Into Loyal Customers

If you are marketing online with all your Lead capture pages hooked up and ready to go, your marketing efforts have begun and leads are coming in.

So what should you do now that the online leads are pouring in? What you need to do is start turning those online leads that you worked so hard & Long to get into “Loyal Customers”.

Converting Internet leads into customers is easy if you don’t fall into the same situation that so many internet marketers fall into. Internet marketers tend to be too scared to pick up the phone and call their prospects. Most marketers want to hide behind the computer and think that they do not have to call or talk to a prospect ever again.

This very thought will harm every chance that you get to convert your online leads into loyal customers.

This thought is also known as “the fear of rejection” or people simply telling you no. I have been in the Network Marketing industry for 2 years and the fear of rejection is very hard to conquer. Nobody wants to pick up the phone, dial the number and hear that voice on the other end reject them. A lot of people think that when they begin to market online that they will not have to commit to such a dreadful task. From an honest standpoint, you need to make that CALL! Call everyone that opts into your (lead capture page) or pages.

Here are some sure shot tips on how to convert online leads into loyal customers and expand your your online business.

1. Make the call – There can be so many reasons why your online leads or prospects opted into your capture page. You will never know anything about your prospect or their situation if you do not pick up the phone and make the call. As soon as you know more about them and their situation then you can distinguish if this is the type of person that is worth mentoring or someone that you can simply add to your list. Pick up the phone and CALL.

2. Don’t ramble on about yourself – As soon as your online leads answer the phone be sure to not ramble on about yourself, your wife, your kids, your dog your business experiences, what the weather is like in your hometown, your income, sales or how you hate your job. Your prospects can give a rats a*% about all that. Your leads simply want to know what you can do for them, if they can do what you do, if they are going to get help doing it and the benefits of joining you. I like to call this WIIFM, (whats in it for me).

3. Use a Proper Intro when you call – Here is a small script I like to use and it has produced awesome results for me and my team. You can rewrite it and customize it to your liking.

Intro: Hi May I speak to (prospects name) please? Hi my name is Kenny and I own an online business. Now I’m not calling to bend your ear or sell you anything. I’m calling because you contacted me a recently on my website. You completed an opt in form on my site and requested more information about our program.

Critical Note: Now here is where you keep it real brief and describe all the products, services, and benefits of your business in one small sentence.

4. Get your online leads to talk about themselves – Ask them why they decided to start a home based business, why they would commit to your products or services, how long they are willing to work to achieve their financial goals, what benefits appeal to them most and if they are really serious about starting an online business.

Be sure to switch it on ‘em and take control of the conversation. Always remember that your prospects only want to hear about how your business will benefit them, (WIIFM)! What’s In It For Me! Simply talk about all the benefits that you have for them like how much money they can make and so on. make sure to always listen carefully and make notes of what your online leads say to you.

5. Close them - If your prospect says “YES” to anything or all of the above, be sure to ask them this question.

If I showed you an awesome system that can generate hundreds of leads while you are sleeping, at work or on vacation, would you want to know about it?

Now is the time when you ask them 2 to 3 more YES questions. If your online leads say yes to all of them then now you will know they will be committed to you and achieving their financial goals. Give them your contact information like your phone number, email, skype ID, etc.

So what happens if the prospect doesn’t answer their phone? Always leave a detailed message and a way to contact you. Be sure to never hang up and make your call count. In a couple of days try to catch them again. If they don’t return your call always add them to your contact list and move on to the next online leads.

If you want to get more leads for your home based business you definitely need lead capture pages online where prospects can opt in and leave their info including that ever so valuable phone number.

If you don’t have any lead capture pages to help you convert your online leads into loyal customers then I recommend a systematic blogging platform called the Empower Network. This is a system that is equipped with capture pages that have been spit-tested and proven to convert your online leads into loyal customers. The best part about this system is that you can earn 100% commissions for your sales! For more information on Empower Network go to my post called Empower Network More Bang For $25 bucks.

I hope that this post, sure shot tips on how to convert online leads into loyal customers, helps you in your online business efforts. What are some of your tips on how to convert online leads into loyal customers?

Don’t forget to make that CALL! =)

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